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StudioSK Design /Art Studio is the creative space for Scott K currently living in San Francisco. A graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas with a B.S. in Web Design and Interactive Media. Also a trained chef in classic French techniques. Creativity can take many forms and the limits are yet undiscovered. Success has stemmed from personal and collaborative achievements. I firmly believe if it can be imagined it can be made to happen. I firmly believe we are merging into the new renaissance.

Web Design & Development

I don’t know how smart it is to turn something you love into a career

Art for Art’s Sake

Having the chance of creating something out of oneself that’s memorable

Logos & Cool Stuff

Moe stuff coming soon (see below)

under Renovation

So starting last week I decided I was going to update this web site. I just finished updates on other ones I am working on so it made sense to do it to this one too. Alas, I was completely blocked. And talking with a friend last night I told him: I feel like completely … Read more…

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ACME Emergency

Returning client with an additional business enterprise needed a purchased template to reflect his business model. It went from a ski wear site to a emergency preparedness site. The template is below:

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Fund Raising for Art

Fund raising is the next challenge, or better getting the resources and partnerships to see this project off the ground, and make it come to life. The resources I will need in this order: 4 wooden shipping pallets 3 sheets 1/2″ x 8′ x 4′ particle board flat black vinyl veneer for wood surface screws, … Read more…

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Just Thinking

I posted on LinkedIn that I want some genuine feedback on this portfolio site. I need to get working quite soon and I have been so worried about other web sites for other people that I completely neglected my own. Three clients kept me busy plus the other projects I have been working on. It … Read more…

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