Adobe v. Apple

I did some reading this weekend because I have been hearing some buzz about a major disconnect between the two powerhouses. The LATEST issue seems to relate to Apple’s OS X (10) not supporting a 64bit version of the Adobe’s Creative Suite (I think in Version 4). This is a big deal because there are a lot of Apple purists out there that are virtually crapping their nappies because of the perceived superiority of their product over the other one…. who are they again? Starts with a W…

It should be noted that these days I do not see much value in the M versus the W in Operating Systems unless you want to argue over Vista… BUT! There are some products that work better on one of the other.

So I did some reading because I was curious and I found articles going back to the last decade where these two power-houses have been at odds. Seems there is a problem with the way their OS software speaks to Adobe’s software.

Enter… Avid? Well, not that I am particularly familiar with this software or am sure this is the right package, but Apple apparently has a software package to challenge Adobe. Could Adobe end up becoming the dinosaur equivalent to Quark?

TBT… Quark was the industry leader once too. Quark’s cocky attitude made sour grapes the flavor of the day with a lot of Quark customers and frankly Adobe is headed down the same cocky road. I myself called Adobe because I had a question about my CS3 Master Suite and though I was asking something simple I got a nasty run-around.

Apple could come out a winner – again. On this issue the debate continues and we should be vigilant – my friends. This looks like a battle-royale between 2 high-tech punks.

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