So much for thoughtful blogs about business. I started a new effort at advertising and generating some new clientele by using Adwords, an ad on CraigsList (see tweets on and whatever I can generate through my networks. So far almost all of my work has come from word of mouth and it is a good thing.

Hopefully, as a new guy on the block, I am working this gig the right way and making something sustaining. I feel like there are good things going on with the work I have in the pipeline. Right now I finished up with with the setup of their site; pending some future additions. is in the pipeline and is a substantial project that is so exciting. It is one of the biggest projects I have undertaken so far and I am enjoying working with the client a lot.

And finally the upgrade to is very near release and the work on it is an amazing leap from their old site. I did the old site, so I can bash it openly. I had such limited time and resources when I first did it, but now it is blossoming.

So, happy clients should be good references and I hope they are happy. 🙂

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