An Excuse for not Writing

Sorry I have not made an entry in a while… I have been slowly… ever slowly… contemplating the new direction of my portfolio site while trying to keep up with all my projects. In fact, I am officially turning away Freelance work at this point.

My job at TRNXS.NET is really a full-time plus gig and working there has been very enriching. I work with a group of guys whom I see as being incredibly talented and brilliant on several levels.

I am working as a front-end designer; or at least that is what I was hired to do. As usual, the job description has been somewhat stretched. When I wrote content for I never thought it would have been published as it was, but I had to quickly learn to edit myself better.

New lesson learned: Never Assume; ass-u-me …. oldest story….

I had to become a copy-writer and I had to improve language skills that I let get lazy over time. Never mind that it is still not all that long ago I graduated college for the 2nd time. Alas, refining those skills had to become a priority.

When SummerlinHealth.Com was released, a parent to InstaCare, I found my role as better defined and my creativity allowed to flourish with some degree of license. It felt good to see the company CEO brighten and feel I hit the nail on the head. Two more projects later I am still batting with a good average; as soon and ProviderCare.Net will be out.

I have the honor of having designed the logos on PureCare and ProviderCare; updated and cleaned up InstaCare and Summerlin Health as well. I am glad management has been pleased with the over all result.

It’s good to be employed. I can give so much credit to Freelance designers out there fighting the good fight. I do still have 3 open Freelance clients pending and one of them has tuned into a very unfortunate situation. I will talk more about that later.

My job duties have expanded again recently, and not on a level I am in anyway reluctant to grab on to. I have been designing and completing a lot of print media. Now that takes some new thinking and fortunately I really paid atention in school.

Creating graphics for print is very different than creating them for the internet or for any digital presentation.

Alas, I can say my situation is very fortunate. I was speaking with one of my mentors recently, saying to him that some days I really hate web design. He told me he hates it every day, but still holds a deeply rooted passion for it. That was good for me, because it just sort of snapped everything back into perspective. I still get excited when work is published and I still feel joy when a client says it looks amazing. Yeah!

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