Art Project Update – Funding

3 fund raisers later… my art project is no closer to being finished. The last, the third and final, fund raising attempt sits in my car port as a metal frame incomplete. I still have time to accomplish something and maybe in the pinch I will find the magic to finish a rendition of it.

I’m not one to give up, but I am that guy that gets inspired by the crush.

People have given me money toward the project. I very much appreciate all the kind support from my local community, but almost all of those donations were eaten up by the overhead of the 2 events. I orchestrated it well, but there was not enough people generated to make it all fiscally successful.

I found about 2 online fund-raising sources for artists and tried Kickstarter.Com but failed to communicate the scope of the project on a level people would appreciate. Seems that talking about was inspirational enough for a lot of people. For some people theywere just happy someone from the community was doing something new.

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