Art Project Update – Build

If it were not the 11th hour, then it would not be a project that is typical for this kind of situation. 6 months of planning, prep and frustration is not enough! ha ha ha…

Captain Bills Studio/Workshop

Captain Bills Studio/Workshop

Captain Bills Studio/Workshop

After a lot of ribbing based on my original diagram and my highly limited carpentry skills, the master of wood helped (helped?) build the monolith. Yes people… it is finally constructed. Now it is up to me to finish. Now it is up to me to achieve the finished product. It had to be scaled down due to the size of the materials, of which I am extremely grateful to Damian for donating.

I went to Home Depot again yesterday for supplies and yes, will be heading out again today for more. This is insane… I am insane. I had to leave it in the back of my truck last night and this time, it was not stolen. But this mo-fo is heavier than I expected!

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