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So starting last week I decided I was going to update this web site. I just finished updates on other ones I am working on so it made sense to do it to this one too. Alas, I was completely blocked. And talking with a friend last night I told him:

I feel like completely deleting everything and starting over

…and thus this happened. So stay tuned… I might be a little slow at achieving this.


Fund Raising for Art

Piece on displayFund raising is the next challenge, or better getting the resources and partnerships to see this project off the ground, and make it come to life.

The resources I will need in this order:

  • 4 wooden shipping pallets
  • 3 sheets 1/2″ x 8′ x 4′ particle board
  • flat black vinyl veneer for wood surface
  • screws, wood glue, long bolts
  • 3 dining room table chairs
  • 1 6′ x 3′ dining table
  • 10# clay
  • 10# wood puddy
  • unspeakable amount of 1″ letters
  • 4 plates
  • 3 sets of silverware
  • glasses
  • lamp
  • gold spray paint
  • black spray paint

I will be working from my home and have space in my yard for when it is time to get down and dirty in the hardest part of this: the molding and sculpture of the face of it.

I will need help with this project. I do need a carpenter to help me with the base. The design is below and on the project page.

Issues on the Table

A successful IndieGogo campaign means the art piece made it and looked great on display.

Just Thinking

I posted on LinkedIn that I want some genuine feedback on this portfolio site. I need to get working quite soon and I have been so worried about other web sites for other people that I completely neglected my own.

Three clients kept me busy plus the other projects I have been working on. It was along with all that I also realized I was leaving those projects off my resume and wondering how to include them without there being certain negative assumptions based on the things I did for Burning Man.

Maybe some of those assumptions might be pretty cool, but the issue or concern from some employers might be incorrect. I have brought art to Burning Man for 2 years and it is possible I can do it a third year, too.

Issues On The Table” is a profound piece. I feel like this will be my best yet, but I am eager to get it started. I want to show it here in San Francisco over the summer.

My goal above all things right now is to find a job and dig into it. My passion is creating and making things. The future is unwritten and I am in the present only.

So, have you checked out my profile and please tell me what you think below.

Sin City Reboot

Been working on setting up this new portal for Sin City Delights, working hard on finding the best avenue to sell their amazing product line. The last version was a step forward, but this one is the icing on the cake and can only get better.

Sin City Delights
Sin City Delights: New Version

There might be some tweaks here and there, but I think we finally hit our groove. We launched the original version back in December/11 and it started doing more business than the old version did all year.

Unfortunately a problematic Paypal, with it’s often impossible to reason customer service, put up a barrier for business on the site. We moved on to Amazon Payments with an adjusted version of the site that brought on yet another surge of business (above).

This has been a living experiment and while the goal has been to sell product on this site, it has also been a test to find the most hospitable environment and strongest platform for product sales. This new POS system will use Authorize.Net. We peeled away from Amazon only because it was requiring buyers to have an Amazon account.

The new version of the site will launch next week and will hopefully really bring a lot of momentum to sales.

“Issues on the Table”

The latest piece is taking shape and needs it’s final direction. I believe this piece will look good mounted on the wall as well as sitting on a floor.


It is life size and the base will have a flat, black veneer while the overall piece will be gold with heavy black shadowing. The sketch above is just a point of view and will stand about 2 feet off the ground from top to bottom.

While the message or the way it is delivered has shifted the basic elements have remained the same. The goal is to keep it clean and not contrived.

Next Art Project

While continuing to find work work I am following up on all my projects with the assumption I will be employed before long. I simply cannot keep this up not working because I have no more resources.

Issues on the Table

Issues on the TableMy next installation piece is a life-size dinner table situation that will tell a story. The table is turned on it’s end and there is a corruption of the whole thing as it progresses from top to bottom. While one end is perfect the other is complete chaos. It is the story of parental verbal abuse toward a child and the scars left behind by it.

My rendering is a little out of date and I have evolved this since it’s original look more than a year ago. It’s time to refine the concept and get this thing built. I put some wish list items on my Facebook for this but have a feeling I could do just as good at some of the local thrift stores.

Originally I was going to have it look like a regular table setting, standing on four legs. The I wanted observers to be able to see the words on it better  and have been toying with ways to make that happen.

  • suspend it sideways in the air with the chairs around it at the base
  • let is stand on one end with chairs around it
  • or shorten it all and make it like just less than 2 feet tall

In the last case observers can see it from high above and possibly still get the message.

I keep changing my mind about the way it is displayed, but as I write this the 3rd method seems most desirable because it could be hung on a wall too. That might be cool!

Anyway, check out the project pages linked on this site and on the Facebook and feel free to help make it happen.

Project Management

If you saw my recent Tweet about my extra-curricular activities then you might be kerfuffled? What does all this mean? It’s no secret with all of my art activities that trying to keep my involvement in the Burner world on the D-L is a little futile.

What’s missing….

Just this last week I was part of a weekend long Leadership Summit that involved a lot of networking and a series of courses that help project managers reach success. Projects vary from strong community development, event production, effective meetings and even courses on social networking.

What’s missing from my Resume is this:

  • 2012 Participant: Burning Man Leadership Summit / Regional Conference
  • 2012 Producer: SF QB Leadership Summit
  • 2012 Production Team Lead: 2013 production in the early stages
  • 2011 Participant: Burning Man leadership Summit / Regional Conference
  • 2011 Art Project: Project to build installation art piece “Final Passage”
  • 2011 Producer: Winterfest performance and entertainment event
  • 2010 Production Team “Forgotten City” event out of Las Vegas
  • 2010 Art Project: Project to build a reproduction of the monolith from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ in scale and deliver
  • 2010 Producer: Winterfest performance and entertainment event

While my resume itself my have some dark holes in it there is ALWAYS something I am working on although it brings be some solid experience, not always bringing in any form of remuneration.


I want to work and I want to dig my feet and hands deep into projects that are creative and fulfilling. This blog is to help fill in the gaps and show some of the things I am doing.


I have wrapped up my last biggest project and am monitoring Sin City Delights right now as I am working with this client on a new ad campaign through  Facebook to see if it generates more traffic and sales. So looking on different resources for a new project to dive into.

Being entrepreneurial is a challenge as I may not be as adept to it as I thought. I run things smart and maybe have made too many concessions, but I will do my best to make a client’s projects shine.

All too many times I have laymen who want to hire me and then direct the whole thing. In one case a client’s question regarding a basically static site was… “How much bandwidth do I get?” When I asked him why he was concerned about that he could not tell me, it was something a friend told him about.

Then later, “What if I want to put video on the site?” WordPress will let you load video right on the site as easy as inserting an image, but with tools like YouTube and Vimeo around (especially for your small business) why would that be a worry?

In the end the strange questions using industry related buzzwords kept piling things on top of each other without any research or knowledge as to why it would be there. I want flash: why? I want pictures popping up when you mouse over: why?

What is the story you want to tell?

This is what I ask every client. Keep the story consistent, don’t confuse your mission, put information you want people to see so they opt into what you are selling or offering.

One client wanted to post a picture of a motorcycle he was selling on his restaurant site… my advice was to just use craigslist.

Clients are writing the checks and will get what they want, but I will do everything I can to keep them from throwing away that money. You hired me for a reason. Trust me. By working together we will end of creating something uh-maze-zing!

The Tell Tale Resume

I have been working non-stop on various projects. Some make money while others network people and others satisfy some strange intrinsic value. Check out my projects when you can…(suppose we have to talk before you  find out what they are… read on)

So, I have a question… when do you share your projects on your resume or portfolio when they may conflict with some of the people looking at you (or me in this case). I have always been told not to put controversial work on the resume but ‘what is controversial’?

My Projects v. My Resume

Even in San Francisco or even when I was in Las Vegas there are a lot of judgements that get a resume stuck at Human Resources. At least that is the outsider’s perception. There are conservatives everywhere ready to stomp on creativity they do not understand.

My projects are NOT PORNOGRAPHIC or questionable in any way, but in spite of the success I have to leave them off my resume. I run a social networking site that sees hundreds and thousands of eyes monthly! I built it using WordPress as the foundation but it is a huge success.

I can’t tell you here or put it on a resume because there will be recruiters that judge me on it. Frankly, most H.R. people will not read beyond the opening paragraph as they scan portfolios looking only for key words to fill a job order.

My Art v. My Resume

Issues on the TableThe last couple of years I have built some great art work (okay, 2011 was an exception) and I have a great piece this year. This one is called “Issues on the Table” and it is about parental verbal abuse. I will begin building it soon, I just need to start accumulating the elements for it.

Final Passage2011 I did “Final Passage” which was a piece that was designed to combine The Tree of Life and The River Styx. If not familiar with either, please google, but it is about the beginning and the end. The art piece was a failure, but the journey was great because I worked in a studio filled with artists that I was so inspired by: American Steel Studios in Oakland.

2010 I recreated the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey and it was beautiful and ended up called “monotropolis“. It was a completely static piece and though I had doubts about putting it up at one point something amazing happened. I started seeing people act out scene from the 1968 film and people in their 20’s celebrating the visual of it.

After their initial showing both pieces were recycled and it should be said I have a vision to re-imagine “Final Passage” as soon as I can work on it.


What my resume is missing is a focus and a clear direction. I want to work in something creative and inspiring, but find people looking at me… making judgements… and they could not be more wrong. How do I communicate myself honestly and vigorously without misrepresentation? I am me.. I am creative… I have so much to contribute… how do I get you you to see that and trust me?