Sin City Delights

Less than a year ago I contracted with this freelance client to build their first step into online internet retail sales.

Updated Site Design / Shopping Cart

This is the latest version. I had to build a new shopping cart system quickly. The Paypal cart that was was installed fell out; Paypal has been unreliable. However, this elected to go with Amazon Payments which turned out to be much better.

Not to waste your time on the interim design. The original design is something to see and I welcome any thoughts.

I also manage this client’s social media; mostly Facebook and Twitter. There is a Yelp and a few other channels I post in for them.

Trubric Project

Over Christmas 2011 into late January 2012 I was working with a couple of guys on a pretty major project. They needed to be able to demonstrate how their concept would work in their industry.

With a little HTML, CSS and javascripting we got a pseudo web site they could demonstrate some of their basic functions.

The client was very focused on using an industry site as the model for their product. We used some new images, particularly the pop of color with the Golden Gate Bridge.  Below is the site they asked me to use as a model.

Major Update

I carried the same branding for StudioSK since school and with my new business cards in San Francisco it was time to catch up. When I bounced into my own… MY OWN freaking web site I realized I had not looked at it in almost 6 months.

The only updates that  I have been actively posting  have been in twitter. My twitter feed is @scott4design …officially anyway. I have been working on a couple freelance projects and have been on the hunt for whatever things I could do.

I manage several Facebook pages right now and twitter accounts as well. You might have seen gotNurv (logo see your right in the middle column) . Yes, my projects are not all paid but I do a lot of community based stuff too.

I have been working freelance gigs for a while. My projects and art pieces kind of flowed in between them with some of my other interests as well.

Finding a Job

My latest art piece is screaming for attention, but I am preoccupied with having to find some steady work right now. My career in the last couple of years took a back seat while I explored some of my more artistic endeavors. Working freelance allowed for that.

The worst part of the lifestyle I took was that my mom worries about me a lot.

Why put this kind of personal stuff on this blog? As a reminder… as a warning… that the grass is not always greener and sometimes some good advice, that was forgotten, comes back to haunt you. Work hard, keep the nose to the grind stone, and make yourself and your family a good living.

Creatively speaking I think I have thrived and will make more posts here with that work; freelance, art and other things!

Moving on…


An undefined reality seems to lie ahead as I boldly step forward open for a new transition and to bolster my career. I have a lifetime still ahead of me and look forward to and a career to yet build upon. The question of where that path may lead to is still on a blank page.

Thank you for visiting aka StudioSK and thank you for taking the time to explore anything here you might have found interesting.

I come to you a uniquely creative person currently seeking work where I can share my creative and innovative skills.

My work has been diverse and my tenacity is my golden shield while success is my golden fleece. I am true and have a motto”

“Never Give Up, Never Give In…”

Off The Clock


Yes, I know there have not been a lot of posts here lately. I hate leaving this bitch-fest about WordPress as the last entry because it it not the positive idea that I think I really am.

My work lately has been mostly with and clients I have over there. It’s all social networking stuff.

I got a call from a recruiter this week that got me thinking about my resume. It has not been very successful and people seem to not pay attention to the skills in it; or is it they are projecting what they need? Either way, it is good to hear from recruiters, but it is time to update and re-post it out there.

I tell people I have more than a decade in design, which is true, but professionally only in the last 4/5 years. My first web hosting company was Software Tool & Dye. The domain was something like … yes “std”. It always bothered me to have to go to that web site, but since the 90’s there has been a lot of water through that bridge.

My original AOL account??? How long ago was that??? What was my first web site? I learned html originally through a WYSIWYG called “Hotdog Professional” and it was simple! I mean the software was simple.

If you follow the blogs on this site, you can see what I imported from Blogger when I was actively using that for “AchtungMediaDesign” and “ActionHeroNetwork” which were previous versions of StudioSK.

My personal blogs go back further than these of course!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little personal information. Needed to post something on this site to keep it pumping and alive… and who knows maybe someone will appreciate it?

WordPress: WTF


Anyone in Technology for a while has seen arrogance by various companies who think they are the kings of their market. Among the saddest stories include the makers of Quark and the Lotus Office Suite. Oh wait, what? You never heard of them? Then you must be under 30.

Recently Adobe took a buttload of crap when they refused to support a 64 bit version of the Master Suite for their Apple computer and then there is the never-ever ending of Microsoft and their browser… what was that? Internet Exploder?

This week a product that I have personally taken to fall in love with, especially for clients who need easy back-end access to their sites, is the almighty WordPress. Unfortunately, WordPress went on a diet and forgot to tell anyone with the release of WordPress 3.2.

Like in most cases I updated about 4 of my sites, including this one, and was suddenly locked out out a lot of the controls used to manage the site. Did you visit in the last few days and see something far less brilliant than what you see now? Well, I had the kind folks at my hosting company restoring my site to pre-3.2!

WordPress says with their release of 3.2.1″

“After more than a million downloads of WordPress 3.2, we’re now releasing WordPress 3.2.1 into the wild. This maintenance release fixes a server incompatibility related to JSON that’s unfortunately affected some of you, as well as a few other fixes in the new dashboard design and the Twenty Eleven theme. If you’ve already updated to 3.2, then this update will be even faster than usual, thanks to the new feature in 3.2 that only updates files that have been changed, rather than replacing all the files in your installation.”Source

In the above WordPress blog there is not even an apology. With the barest of acknowledgements to major major changes I have to wonder how much of those ‘million downloads’ resulted in jacked up web sites.

When I posted for help in the Support Forum indignant and rude people who identified themselves as volunteers wrote comments to other posters that were just uncalled for and just plain bitchy!

I still have other sites needing fixing. WordPress ‘volunteers’ basically told me I had to rebuild my sites in order to recover them. While I was lucky to restore a back-up on StudioSK, one of my sites is a very busy social networking site that my hands are tied with and will have to be done at some odd hour once I finally figure out my approach.

Other designers and developers have reacted with curiosity through my Twitter (@scott4design) because not all experienced this horrible result like I did. What got some people through an easy upgrade and so many others with a fumble with a face-plant is beyond me.

The biggest problems I experienced were:

  • widgets would not open to allow for editing
  • menu’s for images libraries would not open

If there were more then I did not discover them yet. On my social networking site members are having trouble logging in and posting images, setting up groups and what else? What am I not hearing about?

This update with WordPress 3.2 may have been created to be more efficient and break away from some old baggage with IE6 and more, but at what price? How come your users were not given some warning? This upgrade should have had a lot more warnings and acknowledgements, because I know I would have appreciated it.

WordPress is the best CMS on the market in my humble opinion. It is the one you can give any client and let them go with it. But if I left this update to a client alone… they would have had no where to go.

Post Kickstarter Update


necklace design for fp project planHey all! I am working on getting some motion on this project, but I have made little progress on the onset. It seems Kickstarter holds on to the money about 14 days after the close of the fund raising effort. I dumped out my checking account to pay for the art space and am waiting for this money to trickle down.

I sent an email to the FLG (Flaming Lotus Girls) a note asking for advice and help on this direction of the project because technically I am still a newb in their world. The burner community has been very generous in the past with what resources they could spare. FLG has some huge projects in their pipeline and I am just hopeful they know someone who might be able to help out some.

The lead welder on this project is a metal artist and is a nice guy. I have had a problem getting commitment from people in the past and I hope this does not became one of those. Can you see me learning to weld from a YouTube Video??? I am not opposed to it!!!!

Resources are an issue and I need to find them and transport them to the shop. Working that out as well. I also wanted to share with you the necklace design I am working on. I will attach an image to this update and let you guys see. I have to get that finished too.

Thanks all.

p.s. – If you were debited your contribution it should be on your statements now. There was 1 or 2 where they were unable to get the donation. I do appreciate all the faith and support both monetarily and through whatever connects us spiritually in this universe.

104% funded: JOY!


With my most current Kickstarter campaign a success I look forward to working with some cool people on this art project. The money will let us get started but it is up to me or us to see it through without letting barriers get in the way.  My delusion is my strength and my faith in the result is my armor.

I wrote out a projection of what the costs are on the project just as an estimate. There are some costs that can’t figure in so easily, but I think the projection is pretty accurate.

Check it out and stay with us… pictures will continue to be posted!

To see the history of updates on the project use the “Final Passage” category.

Back to Business


Although a majority of my sites lately have been in WordPress, it was a treat to take on a recent contract position through Robert Half Technology to work with a great Vegas company my last two weeks there.  The reason I want to show this work on this particular site is that I was given a Photoshop template and had to dice it up and make it fit the flavor the company was re-branding toward.

Purchased template with layersThis was one of a few web sites they had me there to assist with, but this one needed to be built from scratch.

The template for this web development company was bright and colorful compared to their existing web strategy and also needed an updated logo matching the new color scheme.

My job was to make that work and then transfer all their copy over to it almost exactly with a lot of general edits.

Using Photoshop to slice this up minus the redundant elements of the graphic, or items that could be created through CSS or HTML, I had everything I need to make this in the image of the executives for the company.

eTech Productions new site

With a little help from a photostock site, this is what I proposed to the management and they liked a lot.

I enjoyed working there and I do not want to take anything away from what this company offers for their design aesthetic. I worked with their principle designer closely and was graciously given some licence to prove my skills.

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