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Although a majority of my sites lately have been in WordPress, it was a treat to take on a recent contract position through Robert Half Technology to work with a great Vegas company my last two weeks there.  The reason I want to show this work on this particular site is that I was given a Photoshop template and had to dice it up and make it fit the flavor the company was re-branding toward.

Purchased template with layersThis was one of a few web sites they had me there to assist with, but this one needed to be built from scratch.

The template for this web development company was bright and colorful compared to their existing web strategy and also needed an updated logo matching the new color scheme.

My job was to make that work and then transfer all their copy over to it almost exactly with a lot of general edits.

Using Photoshop to slice this up minus the redundant elements of the graphic, or items that could be created through CSS or HTML, I had everything I need to make this in the image of the executives for the company.

eTech Productions new site

With a little help from a photostock site, this is what I proposed to the management and they liked a lot.

I enjoyed working there and I do not want to take anything away from what this company offers for their design aesthetic. I worked with their principle designer closely and was graciously given some licence to prove my skills.

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