Burning Man Projects

While at the art and performance event that is Burning Man, I was inspired into 3 more art projects to have completed by next year. 2 of these are now listed in the right menu on this site.

Some people reading this might already have their mind made up about Burning Man, seeing it as a naked hippy drug fest in the desert… but naked hippy drug fests do not produce and display art like this:

"Bliss Dance" Photo by Kurt Ritta "Bliss Dance" Photo by Christina Ritchie "Bliss Dance" Photo by Rich Murphy

And there were many other projects including my own piece. My Monotropolis project was simple and a direct homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968.

Monotropolis at Burning Man - 8/2010I had several favorite including a piece by Syzygryd

"Syzygryd" Photo by Kristopher Hines Unknown Project Photo by Rich Murphy Shot of The Man by me

So stay tuned as I begin a rendering of my next couple large scale projects and begin my wind-up for next year’s Burning Man. I hope I find inspiration in these through the year. Only time will tell.

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