busy before the big trip

I would be nearly inclined to describe myself as starting a business with some success… at lest I am enjoying more success than with any business I ever started before. Although, I am armed with a lot more education and experience. I have enough to know this business can be very “feast or famine”… ya know.

I am in the process of wrapping up a beautiful web site and then about to launch into a huge project. I am excited about this next one because it is such a big project and I have what I need to confidently get it done. Tony has been working out really nicely and he is the Yang to my Yin.

We talked on the phone today and he answered a couple email about 2 upcoming projects and it is a wonderful thing to be able to understand a person. I hope this is a relationship that grows. It’s all business. I feel like I can take on anything now.

Tony is a developer based in Portland (a city I love) and we met at a Burning Man event in eastern Arizona called TOAST. It is a clear demonstration that networking can happen anywhere. In fact, a web site I recently finished was from another Burner and it launched quite nicely.

Just a quick note.

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