catching up

After a nice little vacation, I am finally getting my groove on with updates and changes for not only this site, but other sites I have been working on. Thanks to my clients who let me take that journey. Yes, I was at Burning Man. There was an amazing amount of creative energy there I got to participate in as well as observe.

My “zen” was at center camp where I observed a lot of performances from entertainers on stage, to drum circles, people who manipulated spiritual energy, and other people creating on the spot. Since I had NO access to technology I found my center by making jewelery using the medallion that represented my camp “Vegas Burners”.

I am curious about hearing from some other creatives who may have made this journey as well. I knew about 100 people at the event before the people I met there. I saw about 10%; considering there were 42,000 people up there it is not too surprising.

This week I am meeting with 2 more potential clients and one of them is a fairly large project that I am very excited about. As soon as I have updates on them I will add them to the listing.

Feedback is highly encouraged. Not enough of that these days creative to creative.

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