One of the things I have noticed of recent weeks is when dealing with people in this industry, how important it is to be able to communicate. There have been some new walls that popped up in the road and I felt a need to address them.

1. Design without Input
I have been handed some projects recently and told to use my imagination, ‘just go for it’, which inevitably ends up face down in the dirt with a mouth full of dust. Then I have to dig for input so I can match the vision of what the person is really looking for.

One time I was asked to build a site for an affiliate program and was shown the existing site; it was stark and monochromatic. However, because it dealt with medical affiliate and pharmacy related items I naturally built something accordingly that went down like a …. well something ugly. Anyway, after some pushing I found out they wanted it like CNN Health web site and had a Native American approach to medicine; Medicine Man. Alas, they got the CNN Health feel. Unfortunately the site never published anyway.”

2. Who are you building the site for?
Too often I think someone ordering a web site thinks they are building for themselves, with little to no consolation for who is coming to see it. It’s especially difficult when the customer makes themselves the designer.

Now the latter is not always bad. In a recent Freelance situation I had a client who WAS A designer and they knew exactly what they wanted. They had a model all picked out and it was a matter of helping them make it their own.

In other cases I have people with unrealistic needs; like getting a high ranking on Google with no effort on their own.

3. And finally, internal communication
Somewhere along the way working with someone I enjoyed doing projects with, we got lost. My programming genius is backing out of a project and I am already behind the 8-ball on this one. Now I need to refill that role and get moving on it again. If you are struggling, let someone know or get some help.

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