Error Handling

What a week! Sunday I returned from the Dark Skies 2009 – Regional Burning Man art/music festival that was held in South West Arizona. My art was featured on all the t-shirts that were sold representing the event, which for me was very exciting. It was something I contributed and was proud to do it. The image that was used is below.

The web site you are visiting was created in Feb 2009 as a major update to the previous portfolio pages I uploaded. The design process was a lot of fun as I tried to merge UCD with a slight break from the traditional. I was criticized for my color scheme, but the same number or more people thought it was unique and balanced; which I felt as well.

A constituent told me recently I have a tendency to use unique color schemes and make the awkward work. I also took that as a compliment. I have a lot of imagination that I hope is conveyed with my work shown here.

Given that, I have a weakness I am genuinely working on. I miss some details which is why I reply on White Box and Black Box Testing, feedback from Friends and more. Recently, a recruiter I know in the valley told me people were reporting security problems on my site when trying to access it.

The error being reported verbally – from their memory – seemed to point to an SSL which does not exist on my site. While talking to my hosting company they told me people were hitting the SSL where there was not one installed, which meant they were typing or linking from somewhere that began as https://… Alas, while showing my site this weekend this security log in appeared when I saw someone trying to get to one of my active pages… linking from an image in the web section.

Turns out there was a bad path going to a sample site I worked on that was long gone. Troubleshooting is a challenge when the feedback is confused or unclear, but I am glad that I discovered the error.

This error should have been prevented before the site was actually published, but unfortunately it was not. Does a mechanic work on his own car? Well, this is one of those situations where while building my own statement I took it for granted that all was well – and it was not.

I fixed her up! Any problems screen print the error; on my site or any site out there. Then sent the web master the screen print of the error or problem encountered. It’s a great way be help someone out. On Windows simply hit the Print Scrn key while on MAC hit APPLE+Shift+F3; then paste it into an email and send.


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