I went to a client’s house yesterday and took a look at my web site on his computer and it was jacked up. The menu was in the wrong place, the there was some distortion, and I was taken back. Yesterday, I got a crude email from someone complaining that the site was looking distorted and unprofessional… yest with every browser I can find I am not seeing the same problem.

I have asked fellow designers and people in the industry to take a look at my site – for what I was hoping for – some real critical feedback and got nothing back.

I have actually begged for feedback. …and nothing.

The sites you see were checked in Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome. The layouts look good in all of them. 1 minor problem with Firefox, but am working on it though it is – very minor.

Feedback for any creative person is vital. Critical feedback is great. A blast to the face is not feedback; nor does it provide details as to what you are seeing versus what I am seeing.

At the client’s house he was using Explorer 8; the same or close to the Browser I check it with from my office. I can see an error in the site from my computer, but it is in a Javascript that has something to do with flash in the framework of the WordPress theme I customized. An answer is still looming.

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