Final Passage Funding 1

This campaign has closed without much success. A new plan for raising funds is going into play. The failure to raise attention to this amazing project is heart-breaking because the piece is really going to be inspiring.

So far I raised $170. total. None of it is spent yet and it is being set aside to be refunded if there is an Epic Fail. HOWEVER, if you know me you know I do not give up easy.

Phase 2 funding is going to move forward at the beginning of April. I am going to Burning Man that weekend and will be learning more about the process.

BOTH GRANTS I applied for were declined; so that is 5000$ I will not see.

I am meeting with the team on Friday to discuss direction. I am working on 2 fund raisers and have some great ideas for generating funds.

Please stay with me and stay tuned on for the ongoing efforts.

– Posted on IndieGoGo this morning to the funders so far.

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