First Friday – Art Festival and More…

It’s a brand new day…. happy Monday one and all. There have been several landmarks in the last weeks with some successes that make it worth while getting up every day. With another web site going live last week and my art being accepted for the DARK SKIES 2009 event on April 23rd for their logo I am thrilled.

I found out Friday night I will be showing at First Friday for May 2009 which is the local art festival. First Friday is probably one of the largest arts organizations here in the city. Last week was my first trek to the event because I have been non-stop busy every time before. Now there is no NO way to keep me away.

The First Friday Web Site

Now, while I was there is discovered I knew a few of the artists. I have been slowly merging into this community over the last year and it started with the Burningman crowd which merged quickly into others. Now I feel like I am waking up to something that I never really could have ever anticipated as an expereince in Las Vegas.

Albert Montoya is a student out at the Arts Institute and he was showing a piece at Diggs Studio and I have to say he is a remarkable artist. Kylie is another artist from the same school who was showing a cartoonist style piece (also at Diggs) who was showing some remarkable talent. I told Kylie to check out my father’s site ( and he was impressed, but truth be told they have a very simalar style.

Cameron Grant was showing a lot of enhanced photos of landscapes and cityscapes and I was blown away. Now, I was introduced to Cam through a couple of the arts groups I belong to back in October ’08 and though we have exchanged many email he and I have never met face to face. It seems we cannot occupy the same physical space… ha ha ha.

Las Vegas has a slow boiling sub-culture which has its own District. The Arts District of the city is something that lives under a shell I think. It comes alive and pulses from time to time – especially at a First Friday event. I have tapped into something here that has a whole different dimension to my expereince. You should check it out….

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