Gentlemens Night

Last night I received an email from the owner of the site saying they were not going to move forward with the original project. The goal was to get the site live before March Madness to capitalize on the influx of potential clientele coming into Las Vegas for those 2 weeks.

It was a shame because the project held so much promise and could have been very interesting to see go live. In spite of the fact I was laid off in February from the company building the site, I was curious to see it come to life.

I designed the architecture of the project and tried to keep the whole thing within scope, but it was not meant to be. It was sad news and I wrote the owner back expressing that, but the project provided me with amazing experience.

Hopefully another opportunity will come up and we can do something like this the right way. To see what GNL was supposed to look like check it out in my web section of the site.

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