good news

The site is coming to completion. It was published ahead of the curve here to help out my clients who wanted to get their business going. Meanwhile, some of the updates and changes have had to happen live. This has been an interesting journey to this point and I hope my relationship with the creative team there just contunues to grow.

The site was heavily directed by the designers, which is their perogative for sure. Some people might look at that as a negative, but in this case it generally makes my job easier. These guys already know what they wanted and were able to articulate it pretty precisely. So all I have to do is present it.

When the site is finished, see the job report in the web section.

In other news…
Working on signed one other client of mine for a renovation of their site. It is a long story that will appear here one of these days, but I want to upgrade their site.

StudioSK is rocking it and is grateful to clients who recommend me to their freinds. It is always appreciated.

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