Hosting v. Domain Purchase

Any freelance clients I have ever had… if they have not already obtained hosting and/or their domain I tell them to buy them separately. But I have a couple clients who were sucked into the goDaddy commercials. This has to be the worst hosting I ever had to deal with.

If you want good Hosting, hit me up. I can host you on my shared account and do your maintenance. Or I can set you up on a separate Hosting where you can maintain your own. Unless you are using a CMS anyway.

Either way, it is smart because if you end up hating your hosting company for any reason; poor up-time, poor service, etc… you are not married to the two services.

One friend/client did that and had a billing dispute with his hosting company. He ended up losing his domain and his hosting only to be left high and dry. Hmph!

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