I was writing a reply on a board on ArtBistro.Com when I thought this would make a good blog entry:


I have always been creative, but had a paternal influence that was not supportive of my creative endeavors, whose pov was keep your nose to the grind-stone and head down – stay out of trouble. I finally went and got 2 degrees from an art school (culinary and web design), but have seen that creative passion take new form.

The passion burns inside of me now I am later in life… I got the last degree less than 2 years ago… and am looking for a support system that allows me to continue creating; support system being a paying job or investor in the pieces I am working on.

Ironically, my dad is a fairly well known artist in his day and was the one squelching my desires to be creative. Now I am bouncing back like a rubber band at 45 years of age.

I recently saw a documentary on some Burning Man artists who were older and felt reaffirmed that there is still a hopeful road ahead. Just saying … I still dream in color and find inspiration when I can.

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