It’s all business…

I had a very busy day today – which really counted for a lot. I connected with old clients and new clients with a mission of building business. I like being busy, but with a looming deadline over my head for the upcoming trip north, it is good to feel that pressure to get certain things done.

Site is coming together very strong I think. They have a model they are building off of, but it’s differences are interesting. I like the colors and I like this clients style a lot and am looking forward to the future of the project.

Site launched nicely. There were some goals to meet for this static site; improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Of course, this site came from a Front Page web site originally created more than a decade ago. As it was, Google was showing it 10 pages deep and Yahoo was showing it 3 pages deep with the key word search “Las Vegas Massage”. By adding Analytics and making some suggestions with their AdWords I am hoping that their ranking will greatly increase.

Met a new client shopping for a designer today and will be generating comps for her in the coming days. Looks like a very exciting project. I called Tony and told him about it because this is going to be a dynamic site that will land on him to do a lot of the scripting work; most of it no doubt.

It feels like some exciting things can happen here and I am quite hopeful to see it grow.

Something very concerning was discovered today. A former contemporary who helped me with a site almost a year ago may have been accessing a client’s site and making inappropriate comments in their pages by using a form that was unprotected. There was a hole in the fence, as it were, and poor behavior strikes an already troubled person with even more bad behavior.

We are taking immediate action to repair the hole and give my client better tools for their web site.

Alas, with so many good tings going on I am highly motivated to make the project event better and make my client happy.

Meanwhile, I sent a message to a mentor of mine from school and asked him to look over some of my projects and give me some critical feedback on them. I will post those words out when they come, because it is really important to always continue to improve. Anyone is welcome to add their feedback.

Thank you!

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