Las Vegas Arts

The last couple weeks I have involved myself with a couple art festivals where people do a lot of self expression. There are also a lot of art people have put out on display; usually in the form of sculptures and presentations of that nature. I went to both of them with an open mind not knowing what to expect.

My own art work was featured at one, Dark Skies, on t-shirts sold at the event. So, when I went to TOAST in eastern Arizona I was thrilled that there were people who recognized me as the artist that designed for that event.

These events were both connected to the Burning Man organization out of San Francisco; regional events are like primers for the 7 day burn at the end of summer that people seem to be most familiar with.

I say this because I just finished TOAST this week and I am quickly lerning that much of the “art” aspect of this seems to be performance art. The sculptures and designs are usually quite creative.

Same with my experience with First Friday in Las Vegas. I have had my second event as well. Each event from Burning Man regionals and First Friday was extremely different than the other. I cannot say that one was better than the other but I have to say it has been a gret outlet for me living here in Las Vegas, plus that means I get to play with the ThorSlots games whenever I want, you guys know that gambling is my second passion. .

The Art Community is a vibrating sub-culture here and it is amazing to tap into. It has been a great journey. As I take on new projects I am looking to build on new ones with a more fine art direction when I can. I hope to do so much more.

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