long long dusty road

Well, since starting my my job, having time to generate new business for StudioSk has become a low priority. I have one major project still cooking in the pan and am anxious to see that finally take shape. My partner helping me build this project is using a Zend Framework; which I am excited about because I am actively using the same technology in 2 other projects at my job.

I walked into the last half of a project here at trnxs.net which should be ready to launch in the next couple weeks, if all goes well. Since they already hired staff to make it happen, I imagine the expectation is pretty realistic. It’s a pretty cool idea; not that I am at liberty to say too much right now, but I do not see anyone else doing the same thing.

Even though I am a late comer to this project, a lot of my creativity and content is actually driving the site and being put into the functionality. I am not a programmer, but my skills in UX have proven to be a benefit. I also have the time and focus to think about flow and usability to really contribute to the final product.

The previous front-end guy bailed on the project leaving me with a lot of leverage. I win I would say!

Project 2 is sorta in limbo, also Zend Framework, but the content is more static and informational as it supports the previously mentioned project. It is www.summerlinhealth.com; I will be optimizing it and refreshing the content soon with their new product launch coming soon.

And finally, I am working on a new project that I designed yesterday. Management came to me telling me very basic information and not much more. So I went with it, bringing in color theory and image psychology, but it was all wrong. The CEO and the management I am dealing with thought that giving me much information would impeded the creative process, but what I needed to know is WHY the site existed, what inspired it, what is out there that shares their vision. And so within a couple hours I had a whole new story and got the thumbs up.

I will be sharing that soon. I went online and looked at the competing sites for this project and they are nothing like what I am creating.

It’s been great having these unique projects. I hope their singularity and uniqueness make them great successes, because I think in the long run that will affect me as well.

As for endlessembroidery.net…. I am excite to have that coming to life as well and look forward to the launch soon. I have an excellent team, even if we are having to deal with days only 24 hours long and that nasty need for sleep once in a while.

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