Media and Me

Have to get a video finished for an event tomorrow night to raise awareness of the “Final Passage” project which seems pretty wonky right now, but I am determined to get this done. New challenge include new geography and new support infrastructure.

So, basically most of the stuff in Vegas goes on hold. I am talking tomorrow night at an artist group and need to have this non-existent video ready. So, I will be spending the next 24 hours on After Affects and with my Android Camcorder.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting video that I found very interesting from the Ignite conference that also includes Joseph Pred from Burning Man. I came across it because I follow @josephpred on Twitter. So, I think it is worth a looksie.

Joseph has often posted information I wanted to follow and having checked out this video I enjoyed it a lot. It’s information and just interesting. I looked at it from the social impact on social networking and technology that applies to the world today. Get what you want out of it.

I appreciate the following and will keep things updated.

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