New Costume Design

SteampunkMy goals are these, try and live the rest of my life in the most positive and loving light that I can. Within that, be able to create and do wonderful things from this creative twisted mind.

I was inspired by the costumes I saw at the Lion King a couple weeks ago and came up with a design I wanted to do with this great fabric I had. Thanks to Perry and Alex from Alex Rivas Upholstery, this fabric was donated before their business burned last summer, I got hold of this great fabric.

Steampunk 1

As the piece developed it took shape. I was designed to be a mixture of masculine and feminine. The Steampunk theme to it comes from an admiration of this great Edwardian/Victorian mix with futuristic eccentricity.

Meanwhile, I march on with other ideas for costumes, but time will tell when I can get all this finished. This is on my web site only because I want to show how diverse I am in creativity. Hopefully it will lead to something really cool.

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