New Site Launching Today!

I have been a little quiet about my job, with the exception of some previous comments. Well, I am wrapping up my 3rd project at my company and this one taking sail today is of particular interest. I took on the design of the company web site.

Summerlin Health Web Site

Above is the new version while below is the old version. See, when I started here I was supposed to be working with a young guy responsible for the designs they were suing (seen below). I was not keen on the harsh gradients and the blotchy uses of purple. However, keeping the same story was still important.

In the above rendition of the project there are some nice dynamic element with RSS feeds into the site as well as a rotating visual menu shown in the bottom quarter. Although I designed the site, coworker William worked with me to make it fully functional.

The site works off of a Zend Framework. This is a small Zend project, but I will be posting another one soon that is an online app that I worked on as well. The original designer quit abruptly. My aesthetic obviously deviated from his, but at least management likes it.

Feel free to tell me what you think!

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