Off The Clock

Yes, I know there have not been a lot of posts here lately. I hate leaving this bitch-fest about WordPress as the last entry because it it not the positive idea that I think I really am.

My work lately has been mostly with and clients I have over there. It’s all social networking stuff.

I got a call from a recruiter this week that got me thinking about my resume. It has not been very successful and people seem to not pay attention to the skills in it; or is it they are projecting what they need? Either way, it is good to hear from recruiters, but it is time to update and re-post it out there.

I tell people I have more than a decade in design, which is true, but professionally only in the last 4/5 years. My first web hosting company was Software Tool & Dye. The domain was something like … yes “std”. It always bothered me to have to go to that web site, but since the 90’s there has been a lot of water through that bridge.

My original AOL account??? How long ago was that??? What was my first web site? I learned html originally through a WYSIWYG called “Hotdog Professional” and it was simple! I mean the software was simple.

If you follow the blogs on this site, you can see what I imported from Blogger when I was actively using that for “AchtungMediaDesign” and “ActionHeroNetwork” which were previous versions of StudioSK.

My personal blogs go back further than these of course!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little personal information. Needed to post something on this site to keep it pumping and alive… and who knows maybe someone will appreciate it?

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