Final Passage – 2011

Final Passage” a sculpture with the elements (summary)

Final Passage

Connecting all forms of creation evolved and inspired with the elements
that gave them food, energy and faith. It is symbolic
of the beginning to life lived and renewal.

Imagine the Tree of Life meets the River Styx standing brilliantly in the desert shimmering with 5 branches, each holding a brilliant light surrounded by sparkling leaves. Standing tall, this beautiful monochromatic tree will shimmer in the glowing light. By day with the ambient sun and at night with beautiful white angelic light.

Well, in the end I got what budget allowed me to deliver and I wanted badly to give exactly what I planned for. I still feel I can still get the chance to do what I want now that I am hopefully wiser in my approach to future projects. Considering the experience of the build was the greatest reward in the end. I also learned to manage materials, money and time more effectively.

Final Passage with Nytronix.ComI received about $2K for this project and it is a shame to see it not get to the full potential of the original concept. Getting donations was an absolute struggle.

Thanks to one particular benefactor who threw in 25% of the total funding I was able to do as much as I did. However, I think in the future I can be smarter in my approach and very well may resurrect this project once more. Also thanks to Nytronix.Com Dance Troupe for their support and fundraising in Las Vegas and the 200 person celebration at Burning Man at the art piece.

There were four incarnations of the project in the span of it before any metal was put into place. I used galvanized steel and rivets instead of the originally intended welding and regular steel. I substituted propane feeds with compressed air to create tornadoes in pyrex tubes for solar lighting.

One of my favorite shots of Final Passage

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