Monotropolis – 2010

Monotropolis at Burning Man - 8/2010

Monotropolis was the general name given to this project which was a replica of the monolith seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was given a premier position at Burning Man just 100 yards from the home of Burning Man’s senior staff called First Camp.

Monotropolis was originally designed as an homage to Stanley Kubrick and the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968). The design of the monolith is based on the size of the movie screen; Kubrick modeled the monolith in the same dimensions of movie projection screens of the time. Source

To see it placed provided a feeling of great satisfaction in spite of the struggle to just get it there.

The original project was static when it was first conceived in January 2010 with more elements from the movies and the books. However, I took on a talented partner who worked with me to make it something interactive. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong did. This included the infrastructure of the project being stolen.

Captain Bills Studio/Workshop Painting the Monolith Nearly Complete

Thanks to generous donations and support from the Las Vegas Burner community the project finally was completed even if it was greatly scaled back.

IndieGoGo.Com helped provide a channel to raise funds while local DJ and active Burner named Damian Tarnawsky who provided 80% of the materials. Many of the people who donated through IndieGoGo chose to remain anonymous while some others were just kind in their offering. Meanwhile, Captain Bill Wise worked with me to actually build the monolith and let me finish it on my own.

Captain Bill is a professional carpenter who did most of the build. I am, however, not skilled in some things.

When the project was set I stood proudly beside it as seen above. Often, I rode out to the project and observed visitors. Most recognized the origin of the project and on a couple of occasions I saw people acting out the prehistoric man scene.

It was so gratifying.

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