Learning again through Lynda.Com

Well, yesterday I signed up on Lynda.Com and started going through videos to the point my eye balls were ready to fall out of my head yesterday. That was beside the other issue I was dealing with; a web site that crashed and smashed and needed to be rebuilt (this one).

It felt good going through those videos and setting up a web server for my local use. I was dependent on my on-line account for production but locally makes more sense; any developer out there just went (DUH!).

It was an investment I needed but what I am excited about is that I am making a list of goals I started last weekend and have been achieving them one at a time.

I have a lot more and I am in a position where my priorities have shifted for urgency, but also for survival. I need to find work very soon and I would rather not compromise too much in that effort. I am talented. I am driven. I am good at what I do and work well with others. BUT – I am not sure people are seeing that through the interviews I have had so far.

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