This economy is insane right now and as I approach the job market I feel like I am standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. It’s a scary place and though I am the kind of guy who is willing to take a leap of faith – the first push is challenging.

I uploaded a new resume on my jobster link (click the home button up top for the link). It’s a very good resume, but the question came as to WHAT I was trying to do with it. I examine my skills and goals and decided to set my focus, but how focused can a search be in a world where the golden carrot is like a needle in the haystack?

I also hope to complete more freelance work, but I am putting a lot of energy into the redesign of this site, so you can see I am not moving too fast on this. Driving that energy into the right direction, setting priorities, and managing time is key to survival. I sacrifice and I commit to goals.

I am hoping to finish my work on the Multicultural Community Center this week and meet with my client. I really like the clean design I am making for their site.

Meanwhile, the sacrifices and the commitments can only grow stronger. I made new business cards for StudioSK and for and they are awesome. My mission now is to grow and succeed and to really blossum a little more every day with my designs and my work. It’s the kind of optimism a person needs to survive this economy.

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