Post Kickstarter Update

necklace design for fp project planHey all! I am working on getting some motion on this project, but I have made little progress on the onset. It seems Kickstarter holds on to the money about 14 days after the close of the fund raising effort. I dumped out my checking account to pay for the art space and am waiting for this money to trickle down.

I sent an email to the FLG (Flaming Lotus Girls) a note asking for advice and help on this direction of the project because technically I am still a newb in their world. The burner community has been very generous in the past with what resources they could spare. FLG has some huge projects in their pipeline and I am just hopeful they know someone who might be able to help out some.

The lead welder on this project is a metal artist and is a nice guy. I have had a problem getting commitment from people in the past and I hope this does not became one of those. Can you see me learning to weld from a YouTube Video??? I am not opposed to it!!!!

Resources are an issue and I need to find them and transport them to the shop. Working that out as well. I also wanted to share with you the necklace design I am working on. I will attach an image to this update and let you guys see. I have to get that finished too.

Thanks all.

p.s. – If you were debited your contribution it should be on your statements now. There was 1 or 2 where they were unable to get the donation. I do appreciate all the faith and support both monetarily and through whatever connects us spiritually in this universe.

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