I was thinking today about some of the fortunate people I have had the chance to meet. It’s funny the people we attract in the world. Same could be said about the people we repel. I am one of those people that thinks there is a spiritual connection with a lot of things in this universe.

So, thinking of mentors… I have met a couple people that have been quite impressive. Mentors? Well, they are both especially creative people in this industry. Oddly enough one of them is great about letting other people shine instead of himself.

Matt Rosa: He a man in his early 40’s who looks and acts like a man in his late twenties. He is extremely handsome and has a matching girlfriend. He is highly intelligent and splits his world in a lot of slices offering his tutelage to people like me who benefit from his wisdom. He is a code monkey first and a designer second. He gave me some good advise this week. He is a good man.

Rob Anderson: A much younger man and a shining star. He owns and has designed some stellar web sites. One of them is! Check that out… he is such a smart young guy and has a great approach to web design. He too is splitting his world into a few chunks and is providing some great tools.

It’s cool to know some people…

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