Sin City Reboot

Been working on setting up this new portal for Sin City Delights, working hard on finding the best avenue to sell their amazing product line. The last version was a step forward, but this one is the icing on the cake and can only get better.

Sin City Delights
Sin City Delights: New Version

There might be some tweaks here and there, but I think we finally hit our groove. We launched the original version back in December/11 and it started doing more business than the old version did all year.

Unfortunately a problematic Paypal, with it’s often impossible to reason customer service, put up a barrier for business on the site. We moved on to Amazon Payments with an adjusted version of the site that brought on yet another surge of business (above).

This has been a living experiment and while the goal has been to sell product on this site, it has also been a test to find the most hospitable environment and strongest platform for product sales. This new POS system will use Authorize.Net. We peeled away from Amazon only because it was requiring buyers to have an Amazon account.

The new version of the site will launch next week and will hopefully really bring a lot of momentum to sales.

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