Social Networking Project

Look in the right column there and see and see an extension of what I am doing connected to this web site.

Many of the people I have made web sites simply do not have the time or the skills to network online. I have been given a lot of creditfor my ability to promote and cross-promote things; events, occasions, web sites and more.

One site is one of my more successful B2B operations and it coming up very successfully in SEO. Just this week they were contacted by the Billboard Music Awards people off a search engine find to feed their staff.

Within this process I make sure you are networked out to relevant sources so your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more relevant. More relevance improves your position on a Google or a Yahoo. Not all search engines are the same, but almost all get their results from the same two fountains.

Knowing this, it is important to speak the right language and make sure the tags are in place behind the scene as well.

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