Successful Design

Designing a web site means a lot of things. There are a lot of charlatans professing to various areas of expertise, but bottom line you need a well rounded service to make your web site successful. The assistant to a client once told me she could get a web site built in India for $300.00 and I told her to go right ahead.

Fact is, you need a site that has a mission. Ideally, the project should have a written plan like any business. Many of my clients do not use business plans, so imagine a site plan is a little out of reach.

  • You need a site built with SEO in mind from the start (which includes a lot of things)
  • You need a cohesive story and mission statement
  • You need networking and relevant links in and out of your site
  • …but no matter what anyone tells out about search engine placement you MUST have well written content people want to view.


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