Sin City Reboot

Been working on setting up this new portal for Sin City Delights, working hard on finding the best avenue to sell their amazing product line. The last version was a step forward, but this one is the icing on the cake and can only get better.

Sin City Delights
Sin City Delights: New Version

There might be some tweaks here and there, but I think we finally hit our groove. We launched the original version back in December/11 and it started doing more business than the old version did all year.

Unfortunately a problematic Paypal, with it’s often impossible to reason customer service, put up a barrier for business on the site. We moved on to Amazon Payments with an adjusted version of the site that brought on yet another surge of business (above).

This has been a living experiment and while the goal has been to sell product on this site, it has also been a test to find the most hospitable environment and strongest platform for product sales. This new POS system will use Authorize.Net. We peeled away from Amazon only because it was requiring buyers to have an Amazon account.

The new version of the site will launch next week and will hopefully really bring a lot of momentum to sales.


I have wrapped up my last biggest project and am monitoring Sin City Delights right now as I am working with this client on a new ad campaign through  Facebook to see if it generates more traffic and sales. So looking on different resources for a new project to dive into.

Being entrepreneurial is a challenge as I may not be as adept to it as I thought. I run things smart and maybe have made too many concessions, but I will do my best to make a client’s projects shine.

All too many times I have laymen who want to hire me and then direct the whole thing. In one case a client’s question regarding a basically static site was… “How much bandwidth do I get?” When I asked him why he was concerned about that he could not tell me, it was something a friend told him about.

Then later, “What if I want to put video on the site?” WordPress will let you load video right on the site as easy as inserting an image, but with tools like YouTube and Vimeo around (especially for your small business) why would that be a worry?

In the end the strange questions using industry related buzzwords kept piling things on top of each other without any research or knowledge as to why it would be there. I want flash: why? I want pictures popping up when you mouse over: why?

What is the story you want to tell?

This is what I ask every client. Keep the story consistent, don’t confuse your mission, put information you want people to see so they opt into what you are selling or offering.

One client wanted to post a picture of a motorcycle he was selling on his restaurant site… my advice was to just use craigslist.

Clients are writing the checks and will get what they want, but I will do everything I can to keep them from throwing away that money. You hired me for a reason. Trust me. By working together we will end of creating something uh-maze-zing!

Sin City Delights

Less than a year ago I contracted with this freelance client to build their first step into online internet retail sales.

Updated Site Design / Shopping Cart

This is the latest version. I had to build a new shopping cart system quickly. The Paypal cart that was was installed fell out; Paypal has been unreliable. However, this elected to go with Amazon Payments which turned out to be much better.

Not to waste your time on the interim design. The original design is something to see and I welcome any thoughts.

I also manage this client’s social media; mostly Facebook and Twitter. There is a Yelp and a few other channels I post in for them.

Trubric Project

Over Christmas 2011 into late January 2012 I was working with a couple of guys on a pretty major project. They needed to be able to demonstrate how their concept would work in their industry.

With a little HTML, CSS and javascripting we got a pseudo web site they could demonstrate some of their basic functions.

The client was very focused on using an industry site as the model for their product. We used some new images, particularly the pop of color with the Golden Gate Bridge.  Below is the site they asked me to use as a model.

Major Update

I carried the same branding for StudioSK since school and with my new business cards in San Francisco it was time to catch up. When I bounced into my own… MY OWN freaking web site I realized I had not looked at it in almost 6 months.

The only updates that  I have been actively posting  have been in twitter. My twitter feed is @scott4design …officially anyway. I have been working on a couple freelance projects and have been on the hunt for whatever things I could do.

I manage several Facebook pages right now and twitter accounts as well. You might have seen gotNurv (logo see your right in the middle column) . Yes, my projects are not all paid but I do a lot of community based stuff too.

I have been working freelance gigs for a while. My projects and art pieces kind of flowed in between them with some of my other interests as well.

Finding a Job

My latest art piece is screaming for attention, but I am preoccupied with having to find some steady work right now. My career in the last couple of years took a back seat while I explored some of my more artistic endeavors. Working freelance allowed for that.

The worst part of the lifestyle I took was that my mom worries about me a lot.

Why put this kind of personal stuff on this blog? As a reminder… as a warning… that the grass is not always greener and sometimes some good advice, that was forgotten, comes back to haunt you. Work hard, keep the nose to the grind stone, and make yourself and your family a good living.

Creatively speaking I think I have thrived and will make more posts here with that work; freelance, art and other things!

Off The Clock

Yes, I know there have not been a lot of posts here lately. I hate leaving this bitch-fest about WordPress as the last entry because it it not the positive idea that I think I really am.

My work lately has been mostly with and clients I have over there. It’s all social networking stuff.

I got a call from a recruiter this week that got me thinking about my resume. It has not been very successful and people seem to not pay attention to the skills in it; or is it they are projecting what they need? Either way, it is good to hear from recruiters, but it is time to update and re-post it out there.

I tell people I have more than a decade in design, which is true, but professionally only in the last 4/5 years. My first web hosting company was Software Tool & Dye. The domain was something like … yes “std”. It always bothered me to have to go to that web site, but since the 90’s there has been a lot of water through that bridge.

My original AOL account??? How long ago was that??? What was my first web site? I learned html originally through a WYSIWYG called “Hotdog Professional” and it was simple! I mean the software was simple.

If you follow the blogs on this site, you can see what I imported from Blogger when I was actively using that for “AchtungMediaDesign” and “ActionHeroNetwork” which were previous versions of StudioSK.

My personal blogs go back further than these of course!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little personal information. Needed to post something on this site to keep it pumping and alive… and who knows maybe someone will appreciate it?