Fund Raising for Art

Piece on displayFund raising is the next challenge, or better getting the resources and partnerships to see this project off the ground, and make it come to life.

The resources I will need in this order:

  • 4 wooden shipping pallets
  • 3 sheets 1/2″ x 8′ x 4′ particle board
  • flat black vinyl veneer for wood surface
  • screws, wood glue, long bolts
  • 3 dining room table chairs
  • 1 6′ x 3′ dining table
  • 10# clay
  • 10# wood puddy
  • unspeakable amount of 1″ letters
  • 4 plates
  • 3 sets of silverware
  • glasses
  • lamp
  • gold spray paint
  • black spray paint

I will be working from my home and have space in my yard for when it is time to get down and dirty in the hardest part of this: the molding and sculpture of the face of it.

I will need help with this project. I do need a carpenter to help me with the base. The design is below and on the project page.

Issues on the Table

A successful IndieGogo campaign means the art piece made it and looked great on display.

Just Thinking

I posted on LinkedIn that I want some genuine feedback on this portfolio site. I need to get working quite soon and I have been so worried about other web sites for other people that I completely neglected my own.

Three clients kept me busy plus the other projects I have been working on. It was along with all that I also realized I was leaving those projects off my resume and wondering how to include them without there being certain negative assumptions based on the things I did for Burning Man.

Maybe some of those assumptions might be pretty cool, but the issue or concern from some employers might be incorrect. I have brought art to Burning Man for 2 years and it is possible I can do it a third year, too.

Issues On The Table” is a profound piece. I feel like this will be my best yet, but I am eager to get it started. I want to show it here in San Francisco over the summer.

My goal above all things right now is to find a job and dig into it. My passion is creating and making things. The future is unwritten and I am in the present only.

So, have you checked out my profile and please tell me what you think below.

Post Kickstarter Update

necklace design for fp project planHey all! I am working on getting some motion on this project, but I have made little progress on the onset. It seems Kickstarter holds on to the money about 14 days after the close of the fund raising effort. I dumped out my checking account to pay for the art space and am waiting for this money to trickle down.

I sent an email to the FLG (Flaming Lotus Girls) a note asking for advice and help on this direction of the project because technically I am still a newb in their world. The burner community has been very generous in the past with what resources they could spare. FLG has some huge projects in their pipeline and I am just hopeful they know someone who might be able to help out some.

The lead welder on this project is a metal artist and is a nice guy. I have had a problem getting commitment from people in the past and I hope this does not became one of those. Can you see me learning to weld from a YouTube Video??? I am not opposed to it!!!!

Resources are an issue and I need to find them and transport them to the shop. Working that out as well. I also wanted to share with you the necklace design I am working on. I will attach an image to this update and let you guys see. I have to get that finished too.

Thanks all.

p.s. – If you were debited your contribution it should be on your statements now. There was 1 or 2 where they were unable to get the donation. I do appreciate all the faith and support both monetarily and through whatever connects us spiritually in this universe.

104% funded: JOY!

With my most current Kickstarter campaign a success I look forward to working with some cool people on this art project. The money will let us get started but it is up to me or us to see it through without letting barriers get in the way.  My delusion is my strength and my faith in the result is my armor.

I wrote out a projection of what the costs are on the project just as an estimate. There are some costs that can’t figure in so easily, but I think the projection is pretty accurate.

Check it out and stay with us… pictures will continue to be posted!

To see the history of updates on the project use the “Final Passage” category.

A Space to ENVY!

American Steel Studio and FLUX Foundation as neighbors

One of my biggest projects right now is the “Final Passage” art piece of which I have been planning for about six months or more now. There have been a lot of changes along the way, but nothing that took away from the pure core of what it is about. It represents spirituality and change; not evolutionary change but spiritual development or growth.

Religion is not a part of this art work but an abstraction and a by-product, but none of it is directly addressed. Yes, you see Tree. The Tree of Life comes from Kaballah, ancient African religions, and Pagan spiritualism and more. Water is represented while fire is actually present at the end of each branch. The boat is the Ferry Man from the River Styx.

The project page has the mission statement on it while the Facebook is getting frequent updates.

Work Space

Today I secured a work space and I am very excited. It currently houses come of the most prestigious projects connected to Burning Man or did. The Raygun Rocketship currently housed on the  Embarcadero was built there. See some of the images below and their notes:

[Gallery not found]

American Steel Gallery is a huge warehouse of amazing art that is recognized all over the world and houses some amazing talent. Not that I want to place myself in the company of those people necessarily as an equal, but I feel like being in their presence is an inspiration. When I first came face to face with the Flux crew, Flaming Lotus Girls and others I was so intimidated.

I have seen and live among amazing creative energy. I came to San Francisco hoping to discover new roads to creativity and success and am blessed to be – here.

Media and Me

Ignite Conference 2011

Have to get a video finished for an event tomorrow night to raise awareness of the “Final Passage” project which seems pretty wonky right now, but I am determined to get this done. New challenge include new geography and new support infrastructure.

So, basically most of the stuff in Vegas goes on hold. I am talking tomorrow night at an artist group and need to have this non-existent video ready. So, I will be spending the next 24 hours on After Affects and with my Android Camcorder.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting video that I found very interesting from the Ignite conference that also includes Joseph Pred from Burning Man. I came across it because I follow @josephpred on Twitter. So, I think it is worth a looksie.

Joseph has often posted information I wanted to follow and having checked out this video I enjoyed it a lot. It’s information and just interesting. I looked at it from the social impact on social networking and technology that applies to the world today. Get what you want out of it.

I appreciate the following and will keep things updated.

Final Passage Funding 1

This campaign has closed without much success. A new plan for raising funds is going into play. The failure to raise attention to this amazing project is heart-breaking because the piece is really going to be inspiring.

So far I raised $170. total. None of it is spent yet and it is being set aside to be refunded if there is an Epic Fail. HOWEVER, if you know me you know I do not give up easy.

Phase 2 funding is going to move forward at the beginning of April. I am going to Burning Man that weekend and will be learning more about the process.

BOTH GRANTS I applied for were declined; so that is 5000$ I will not see.

I am meeting with the team on Friday to discuss direction. I am working on 2 fund raisers and have some great ideas for generating funds.

Please stay with me and stay tuned on for the ongoing efforts.

– Posted on IndieGoGo this morning to the funders so far.

Press Release for Final Passage

PRESS RELEASE – Local artist and resident of Southern Nevada for a decade Scott K is in the process of building a major art project called “Final Passage”. It will be a 22 foot tall ethereal metal tree with additional elements that is a statement about individual spiritual rites of passage; it is designed to inspire and unite all forms of spirituality and meditation.

We are in the process of generating funding for the project through grants and angel donations. This is Scott K’s 2nd project of this caliber in the last 2 years.

The art piece will be first unveiled to Las Vegas at the July 1st event called First Friday held monthly in the Las Vegas Arts District near Casino Center Drive and Charleston Avenue in the heart of Las Vegas.

The piece will be unveiled to an international audience at another Nevada based art and performance event called Burning Man that occurs in Northern Nevada once a year around Labor Day weekend 2011.

The piece will be largely funded by art grants but the creator and team of local professionals working on the piece still need to generate funding to meet the overhead on creating such an amazing piece of art work. It is also with determination that the art piece will find a home in Las Vegas or Henderson as a sustained and shimmering monument to peace.

Scott K is a local artist with 2 degrees from The Art Institute of Las Vegas in creative fields and brought his first installation art piece to Burning Man in 2010. The 2010 piece was a static homage to Stanley Kubrick and the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Has attended Burning Man since 2009. His art web site is

Ricky Tarkowsy is the owner of Weld Rite Services in Henderson and is the principle welder and metals artist working to make the vision come to life and his business location just off Sunset.

Shane Mathisen is an Equipment Controls Specialist for his own successful small business in Henderson and Las Vegas is our lead on the electronic and other systems working inside the piece. He has also been an attendee to Burning Man since 1996.

Construction will begin April 2011 at WELD RITE SERVICES and is looking for community support. It was inspired by bringing two well known spiritual elements together; the Tree of Life meets the River Styx.

Final Passage update

Looks like I brought on a couple of new partners in the future success of this project and am hoping to find one more very accomplished person on Saturday. These people are craftsman who have solid reputations in their fields and have the foundation to help me make this happen.

It is my hope that following Burning Man 2011 that by working with BRAF (Black Rock Arts Foundation) and Nevada Arts that I can place this in the city where it can continue to live on for public interaction.

Very exciting.

Grant Process

Over the last few weeks a big part of my energy has been working on a Grant or two to make this large project come to life. “Final Passage” is only one of three projects I want moving in the pipeline for 2011.

The fund raising campaign is already underway with my first donation received. I have big dreams about making this happen, but I do not want to wait til the 11th hour for this project.

What does this have to do with web design? Well, nothing. This web site is my portfolio site which includes all the kinds of art and work that I do. I have a lot of skills and experience to bring to the table.

Final Passage is the largest and most beautiful project I have decided to undertake and am really excited about making it happen.