Project Management

If you saw my recent Tweet about my extra-curricular activities then you might be kerfuffled? What does all this mean? It’s no secret with all of my art activities that trying to keep my involvement in the Burner world on the D-L is a little futile.

What’s missing….

Just this last week I was part of a weekend long Leadership Summit that involved a lot of networking and a series of courses that help project managers reach success. Projects vary from strong community development, event production, effective meetings and even courses on social networking.

What’s missing from my Resume is this:

  • 2012 Participant: Burning Man Leadership Summit / Regional Conference
  • 2012 Producer: SF QB Leadership Summit
  • 2012 Production Team Lead: 2013 production in the early stages
  • 2011 Participant: Burning Man leadership Summit / Regional Conference
  • 2011 Art Project: Project to build installation art piece “Final Passage”
  • 2011 Producer: Winterfest performance and entertainment event
  • 2010 Production Team “Forgotten City” event out of Las Vegas
  • 2010 Art Project: Project to build a reproduction of the monolith from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ in scale and deliver
  • 2010 Producer: Winterfest performance and entertainment event

While my resume itself my have some dark holes in it there is ALWAYS something I am working on although it brings be some solid experience, not always bringing in any form of remuneration.


I want to work and I want to dig my feet and hands deep into projects that are creative and fulfilling. This blog is to help fill in the gaps and show some of the things I am doing.