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What is gotNurv?

gotNurv was a separate business strategy for a social networking cause directed at small business people who are not adept or patient enough for the modern personal computer. Believe it or not, it is more common than you realize, even for people who are younger. This is not an issue for geriatrics only.

There are ways to automate, network and make social networking a strong tool for getting your brand, business or concept out in front of people. You can hire someone like me to do it all for you, but no matter what it will take your participation on some level to make it really a success.

gotNurv: the pulse of making social networking – work

gotNurv.Com has been merged into StudioSK because it is a service I will offer if needed. I do have some clients currently using this service that I do manually.

I will manage and link all of your review sites, facebook, twitter or whatever appropriate links are needed to get your message, events or other out. Please use the contact form if you have any questions.

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at 6:57pm by Scott

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500 Dollar Deal

You have a small business or project you want to have out there on the internet with enough bells and whistles that make it relevant.

500 Dollar Deal

Maybe you feel left behind by technology or you just don’t have the
time to sit behind a computer on your own?
The Twitterverse need not be scary.

For a flat rate of $500 you can have a fully functional web site and some unique art made and created to make the full cope of your web site or project/blog/other come to life right before your eyes.

  • complete web design
  • email account
  • free hosting during development*
  • email and or email forwarders**
  • e-commerce***


It’s just that simple.


We will meet… Discuss what you want… Write out an understanding… Pay deposit… The work get’s started. If you buy hosting from SK for 1 year for $50 you will get your 1st 3 months free including development time.

You just need to provide the contextual content that will be applied to the web site using the latest in UX skills and technology (User Experience).

  • Contextual Content (words)
  • Visuals (pictures, video)
  • Social Network Integration
  • eCommerce Account


Sounds easy, right?


Just contact me through the contact form and I will be in touch within 24 hours unless it is a Sunday. Thank you so much!

*free hosting only when the project is being built up to 90 days

**email accounts are limited and you may already be using an email account and want the more professional look of a custom email with your web site name in it that we can handle with a “forwarder”

***if you are using an e-Commerce solution in the area of a Paypal, Amazon Payments or other with an easy to install checkout system only. Ask if you are curious.

Small Print

The 500$ flat rate does not include any expenses including domain purchase, travel on the BART, fees for photo stock images purchased (with your approval), or anything else that may come up. There could be additional fees for the following:

  1. $5.00 for Invoicing through Paypal or Amazon Payments
  2. $50.00 for limited custom logo creation (one time fee) if needed
  3. Custom programming and the use of flash, flash video, motion graphics excluding some HTML5/CSS work and some Javascripting/AJAX

In the end I give you ALL your art and all your files so you can do whatever you want in the future with them including using another designer or service provider; you will not be held captive. I will provide ongoing maintenance of the software that will be included in your hosting rate – but changes and adds to the content will be billed on an hourly rate as you need in an amount to be discussed later on; rates may change over time.


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I have wrapped up my last biggest project and am monitoring Sin City Delights right now as I am working with this client on a new ad campaign through  Facebook to see if it generates more traffic and sales. So looking on different resources for a new project to dive into.

Being entrepreneurial is a challenge as I may not be as adept to it as I thought. I run things smart and maybe have made too many concessions, but I will do my best to make a client’s projects shine.

All too many times I have laymen who want to hire me and then direct the whole thing. In one case a client’s question regarding a basically static site was… “How much bandwidth do I get?” When I asked him why he was concerned about that he could not tell me, it was something a friend told him about.

Then later, “What if I want to put video on the site?” WordPress will let you load video right on the site as easy as inserting an image, but with tools like YouTube and Vimeo around (especially for your small business) why would that be a worry?

In the end the strange questions using industry related buzzwords kept piling things on top of each other without any research or knowledge as to why it would be there. I want flash: why? I want pictures popping up when you mouse over: why?

What is the story you want to tell?

This is what I ask every client. Keep the story consistent, don’t confuse your mission, put information you want people to see so they opt into what you are selling or offering.

One client wanted to post a picture of a motorcycle he was selling on his restaurant site… my advice was to just use craigslist.

Clients are writing the checks and will get what they want, but I will do everything I can to keep them from throwing away that money. You hired me for a reason. Trust me. By working together we will end of creating something uh-maze-zing!

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So? You want to see my resume? This whole site is my resume. It is packed with all kinds of creative what-not showing my supreme diversity. It is practically vomiting out on the keyboard before you! But if you need a resume that badly click here for a PDF.

Who I am & What I do

  • I am very strong on HTML 4 and CSS with a focus on UI / UX
  • I use HTML5 and CSS3 as needed and  actively use W3C
  • I can manipulate and edit scripting (Javascripting & PHP)
  • I am extremely comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • I like to use Komodo to do scripting and coding

Your feedback on any of this is appreciated. The resume is pretty concise and there is a strong history behind me, but moving forward is the question.

Work Experience

StudioSK / GotNurv – Web / Graphic Design and Social Networking
Las Vegas, NV and San Francisco, CA
9/2008 – Present

  • Principle Designer / Sole Proprietor

Robert Half Technology – Contract Employment Agency
Las Vegas, NV
11/2009 – 5/2011

  • Web Designer / Developer / Graphic Designer

A contract employee and was a principle designer for several projects already under development including SummerlinHealth.Com and 4 subsidiaries as extension of TRNXS.NET and Canyon Gate Marketing. Finished up at eTech Productions and did their home page and several front end updates on other sites.

Resource Edge, LLC – Web based software company
Las Vegas, NV
11/2007 – 2/2009

  • Web Designer (
  • Developer
  • Technical Trainer
  • Web Application Technical Support

Venetian Hotel and Casino – 4 Star / 4 Diamond Resort
Las Vegas, NV
7/2003 – 6/2007

  • Technical Support Representative (Web and Network)

Hostpro – Web Hosting Company
Los Angeles, CA and Bellvue, WA
2/2000 – 8/2001

  • Call Center Technical Support Trainer

Professional Inventory: Full Adobe Creative Master Suite up to CS5 including: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Image Ready, InDesign, Acrobat, DreamWeaver , After Affects, Premier, Encore, SoundBooth. Final Cut and ProTools. Microsoft Products; Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Project, HTML / xHTML / CSS, CSS3. PC & MAC proficient. Familiar with but not versed in: XML, JavaScript.


The Art Institute of Las Vegas – Henderson, NV 10/2006 – 3/2009
Bachelor of Science / Web Design and Interactive Media

Personal Accomplishments

  • USAF Veteran – Honorable Discharge
  • Several Art Projects

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