I have wrapped up my last biggest project and am monitoring Sin City Delights right now as I am working with this client on a new ad campaign through  Facebook to see if it generates more traffic and sales. So looking on different resources for a new project to dive into.

Being entrepreneurial is a challenge as I may not be as adept to it as I thought. I run things smart and maybe have made too many concessions, but I will do my best to make a client’s projects shine.

All too many times I have laymen who want to hire me and then direct the whole thing. In one case a client’s question regarding a basically static site was… “How much bandwidth do I get?” When I asked him why he was concerned about that he could not tell me, it was something a friend told him about.

Then later, “What if I want to put video on the site?” WordPress will let you load video right on the site as easy as inserting an image, but with tools like YouTube and Vimeo around (especially for your small business) why would that be a worry?

In the end the strange questions using industry related buzzwords kept piling things on top of each other without any research or knowledge as to why it would be there. I want flash: why? I want pictures popping up when you mouse over: why?

What is the story you want to tell?

This is what I ask every client. Keep the story consistent, don’t confuse your mission, put information you want people to see so they opt into what you are selling or offering.

One client wanted to post a picture of a motorcycle he was selling on his restaurant site… my advice was to just use craigslist.

Clients are writing the checks and will get what they want, but I will do everything I can to keep them from throwing away that money. You hired me for a reason. Trust me. By working together we will end of creating something uh-maze-zing!

Social Networking Project

Look in the right column there and see and see an extension of what I am doing connected to this web site.

Many of the people I have made web sites simply do not have the time or the skills to network online. I have been given a lot of creditfor my ability to promote and cross-promote things; events, occasions, web sites and more.

One site is one of my more successful B2B operations and it coming up very successfully in SEO. Just this week they were contacted by the Billboard Music Awards people off a search engine find to feed their staff.

Within this process I make sure you are networked out to relevant sources so your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more relevant. More relevance improves your position on a Google or a Yahoo. Not all search engines are the same, but almost all get their results from the same two fountains.

Knowing this, it is important to speak the right language and make sure the tags are in place behind the scene as well.

Engine 1 Pizza Banner

My SEOmmmm

Apathy was my enemy. Maybe it was just ego (id)? But I have one client who came to me originally to improve his SEO on a site that was originally created in the 90’s. His position in the search engines was dismal at best, but there were a lot more reasons than SEO what was working against him.

With that, it’s easy to dismiss the possibility of this client ever seeing a decent SEO placement, especially since he is not willing to invest the time and energy to generate not only content but networks back to his site.

For about a week, the new and updated site, increased his position by 50%. Which means when he showed up on page 8 of searches he peaked at page 4, but then slowly began sinking back to page 6.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on SEO. Based on some schooling under an expert and some of my reading I thought I had some really good knowledge. And I do. I got a little lazy. I really got a little unsure about some aspects of this monster and doubted some of the steps needed to amp a page up with SEO friendly content.

If anyone is asking ‘what’ SEO is… it is Search Engine Optimization. EVERYONE wants their SEO placement in Google, Yahoo and Bing to be ahead of the others. Yes, everyone.

Through a conference call recently with Al from Market Connection, a self proclaimed SEO expert, we buddied up on my business clients site and went through things we could do. All the way through the conversation my ego was being self inflated as I thought how I knew much of what he was saying – in fact implemented much of it. BUT… I missed a lot of key elements and was a little embarrassed and humbled.

Spent the day yesterday creating a whole new site. And yes, WordPress was something Al said was a great idea.

Al is one of those guys who is the Marketing Guru. Al Johnson has a professional site called Market Connection[dot]biz.