The Tell Tale Resume

I have been working non-stop on various projects. Some make money while others network people and others satisfy some strange intrinsic value. Check out my projects when you can…(suppose we have to talk before you  find out what they are… read on)

So, I have a question… when do you share your projects on your resume or portfolio when they may conflict with some of the people looking at you (or me in this case). I have always been told not to put controversial work on the resume but ‘what is controversial’?

My Projects v. My Resume

Even in San Francisco or even when I was in Las Vegas there are a lot of judgements that get a resume stuck at Human Resources. At least that is the outsider’s perception. There are conservatives everywhere ready to stomp on creativity they do not understand.

My projects are NOT PORNOGRAPHIC or questionable in any way, but in spite of the success I have to leave them off my resume. I run a social networking site that sees hundreds and thousands of eyes monthly! I built it using WordPress as the foundation but it is a huge success.

I can’t tell you here or put it on a resume because there will be recruiters that judge me on it. Frankly, most H.R. people will not read beyond the opening paragraph as they scan portfolios looking only for key words to fill a job order.

My Art v. My Resume

Issues on the TableThe last couple of years I have built some great art work (okay, 2011 was an exception) and I have a great piece this year. This one is called “Issues on the Table” and it is about parental verbal abuse. I will begin building it soon, I just need to start accumulating the elements for it.

Final Passage2011 I did “Final Passage” which was a piece that was designed to combine The Tree of Life and The River Styx. If not familiar with either, please google, but it is about the beginning and the end. The art piece was a failure, but the journey was great because I worked in a studio filled with artists that I was so inspired by: American Steel Studios in Oakland.

2010 I recreated the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey and it was beautiful and ended up called “monotropolis“. It was a completely static piece and though I had doubts about putting it up at one point something amazing happened. I started seeing people act out scene from the 1968 film and people in their 20’s celebrating the visual of it.

After their initial showing both pieces were recycled and it should be said I have a vision to re-imagine “Final Passage” as soon as I can work on it.


What my resume is missing is a focus and a clear direction. I want to work in something creative and inspiring, but find people looking at me… making judgements… and they could not be more wrong. How do I communicate myself honestly and vigorously without misrepresentation? I am me.. I am creative… I have so much to contribute… how do I get you you to see that and trust me?

Major Update

I carried the same branding for StudioSK since school and with my new business cards in San Francisco it was time to catch up. When I bounced into my own… MY OWN freaking web site I realized I had not looked at it in almost 6 months.

The only updates that  I have been actively posting  have been in twitter. My twitter feed is @scott4design …officially anyway. I have been working on a couple freelance projects and have been on the hunt for whatever things I could do.

I manage several Facebook pages right now and twitter accounts as well. You might have seen gotNurv (logo see your right in the middle column) . Yes, my projects are not all paid but I do a lot of community based stuff too.

I have been working freelance gigs for a while. My projects and art pieces kind of flowed in between them with some of my other interests as well.

Finding a Job

My latest art piece is screaming for attention, but I am preoccupied with having to find some steady work right now. My career in the last couple of years took a back seat while I explored some of my more artistic endeavors. Working freelance allowed for that.

The worst part of the lifestyle I took was that my mom worries about me a lot.

Why put this kind of personal stuff on this blog? As a reminder… as a warning… that the grass is not always greener and sometimes some good advice, that was forgotten, comes back to haunt you. Work hard, keep the nose to the grind stone, and make yourself and your family a good living.

Creatively speaking I think I have thrived and will make more posts here with that work; freelance, art and other things!

Back to Business

Although a majority of my sites lately have been in WordPress, it was a treat to take on a recent contract position through Robert Half Technology to work with a great Vegas company my last two weeks there.  The reason I want to show this work on this particular site is that I was given a Photoshop template and had to dice it up and make it fit the flavor the company was re-branding toward.

Purchased template with layersThis was one of a few web sites they had me there to assist with, but this one needed to be built from scratch.

The template for this web development company was bright and colorful compared to their existing web strategy and also needed an updated logo matching the new color scheme.

My job was to make that work and then transfer all their copy over to it almost exactly with a lot of general edits.

Using Photoshop to slice this up minus the redundant elements of the graphic, or items that could be created through CSS or HTML, I had everything I need to make this in the image of the executives for the company.

eTech Productions new site

With a little help from a photostock site, this is what I proposed to the management and they liked a lot.

I enjoyed working there and I do not want to take anything away from what this company offers for their design aesthetic. I worked with their principle designer closely and was graciously given some licence to prove my skills.

The Future

Since leaving TRNXS.NET (laid off) back in February 2010, I have taken on quite a few little projects. Some have been compensated strictly in the form of trying to help out either people in need or friends who had ventures I wanted to support. I had the tools to help promote, so why not and then why not add them to my resume?

The problem is that in spite of a strong work ethic and a commitment of 200%, I cannot seem to find a gig. Once more, the many people I know working in the industry have not really extended a hand. Certainly I am not expecting anyone to lift me out of this unemployment situation, because I believe on walking on my own two legs, but with almost absolute certainty I am missing something in my skill set that is getting me results.

I have posted on LinkedIn, the general community, and Art Bistro a request for someone, anyone, to help me with feedback on my portfolio and my resume. Potential employers are not saying ‘why’ they did not hire so there is nothing to build off of moving forward.

In my frustration I posted on LinkedIn I would pay any recruiter who could help me find a seat at a job suiting my skills and still, no reply at all.

So far it seems I am sitting in the row-boat in the middle of the ocean with no oars?

There are at least 3 people I know whom I have looked up to in the design field who have also been non-existent. As far as I know I am the forgotten step-child of the web design world. Basically, I feel like I cannot get a hold on any direction although I feel I have done everything right. Or, maybe stop bitching about it and keep going.

This boat may not have any oars but I can still dog-paddle, right?