The Future

Since leaving TRNXS.NET (laid off) back in February 2010, I have taken on quite a few little projects. Some have been compensated strictly in the form of trying to help out either people in need or friends who had ventures I wanted to support. I had the tools to help promote, so why not and then why not add them to my resume?

The problem is that in spite of a strong work ethic and a commitment of 200%, I cannot seem to find a gig. Once more, the many people I know working in the industry have not really extended a hand. Certainly I am not expecting anyone to lift me out of this unemployment situation, because I believe on walking on my own two legs, but with almost absolute certainty I am missing something in my skill set that is getting me results.

I have posted on LinkedIn, the general community, and Art Bistro a request for someone, anyone, to help me with feedback on my portfolio and my resume. Potential employers are not saying ‘why’ they did not hire so there is nothing to build off of moving forward.

In my frustration I posted on LinkedIn I would pay any recruiter who could help me find a seat at a job suiting my skills and still, no reply at all.

So far it seems I am sitting in the row-boat in the middle of the ocean with no oars?

There are at least 3 people I know whom I have looked up to in the design field who have also been non-existent. As far as I know I am the forgotten step-child of the web design world. Basically, I feel like I cannot get a hold on any direction although I feel I have done everything right. Or, maybe stop bitching about it and keep going.

This boat may not have any oars but I can still dog-paddle, right?

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