Twitter Neglect

So, I tell many of my clients with Twitter to keep their profiles active and engaging. This is especially truthful for those seeing a service. Like my client, there was a reluctance to embrace the technology offered. However, since seeing an article on how well social networks can help they jumped right on.

Here I am advising clients to work  the social networks while I have been neglecting my own! Shame on me.

So I pose the question for those who might answer, “for reals?” My twitter pov shows me every-one’s point of view for the best articles out there or directing people to their own blogs. Are we just feeding each other? Is this ultimately the goal?

I saw one posting that caught my eye on Twitter today: “The Dudes Blog“. Having a sense of curiosity and half expecting the blog of a 45 yer old car enthusiast. Instead it was a designer touting his blog on design. …uhm I think…. still not sure after visiting it again. But with the mentioning of being a MAC snob and touting CS5 I’ll conclude he is a designer of some kind.

But I digress, how much is this social network hooey working. Well, it got me to check out The Dude’s Blog and visit Razvan’s Twitter profile. It got me to scan for the latest Smashing Magazine articles and more. So I conclude, it’s pretty good. Go viral!

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