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StudioSK is is my creative portfolio showing work I have done in a variety of media. My name is Scott Kraske and this is my creative channel. This is not a business, but I do occasional freelance work as StudioSK. I am currently seeking employment where I can bring a decade of experience with me.

Corporate Web Designs

B2B Web Designs

Other Web Designs*

*also includes sites that were updated or have gone into deprecation

StudioSK has been primarily a platform for my web, graphic and interactive media design work for which I have my B.S. Degree in. There is a whole section on web design. In recent years I have taken on a new dimension of creating art including installation art and clothing design and hope you enjoy what you see. Employers and people interested in the work I do should know I am diverse and focused on creating great things.

I am very creative and take on any challenge presented to me in this area. My niche is my success, because I can be successful in anything. I am resourceful, determined and my personal motto is: “Never Give Up; Never Give In”. I will see a project through and in a timely manner!

Posted: April 19th, 2010
at 7:07pm by Scott



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