Where does it end? The market is insane right now with layoffs and people out of work. With 5 million people out of work and employment getting to nearly 10% (if not there already) the competition for jobs is fierce. Reliable standards are far less dependable anymore and that means the world is changing again. (WSJ.com)

It used to be, that people with a college education, would have a better chance at employment and stability in their positions. The unemployment rates we heard about in the media most often applied to the blue collar or entry level jobs out there. These days, that is less true. Middle and upper middle management is feeling the sting as well. Executives and officers are feeling the heat.

The last time the world changed was in 2001, after the economy was weakened as a result of the Terror Attack. There was an undeniable impact on the economy. With that, employers started looking at potential employees differently. College education and proven work experience was an absolute necessity.

I feel like that standard is being raised again. With tighter belts and fewer jobs during our “recession” people want the golden fleece. As someone like myself approaching a job market, I still look on with optimism – but am less confident.

Unemployment is insane and I am open to many possibilities… even if it means moving out of Las Vegas…. Even if it means moving out of the U.S.. We have to go where the work is and though I am passionate about some of my experiences here I am not going to stay in the bread line long.

As a member of the recently unemployed in what was once one of the strongest and safest economies in the nation there is a lot to be worried about. Nobody is safe, but there is still a reason for optimism. If President Obama’s recovery plan is doing anything it provides a glimmer of hope.

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