WordPress for the Masses

In my arsenal of design on this web site these days (05/2011) one will find a majority of the sites I feature including this one is built in WordPress.

There is an effective nature of this Content Management System (Tool) that makes posting and sharing information infinitely more effective for myself and for people I might build a web site for. The positive angle on using WordPress is that my “clients” have the ability to directly impact their own web site’s and manage their own publication with a tool that is not very far from using MS Word.

Consider many of the mainstream web sites are using similar software. Some use WordPress, some Joomla and other Drupal. Pick and choose, but the bottom line is there is a framework that comes with these packaged systems that behooves attention for serious reliability and easy access for clients.

However, a couple people I did some work for are not the most technically savvy and have not learned to access the back-end of the sites to see behind the curtain. I continue to work on their updates under the gotNurv.com business model I developed to help those people.

The future of web design is much more technical and tools like this bring it down for the average person and makes the playing field a little more friendly. We are in a world where you can make your own cookie-cutter web sites for 10% of hiring a designer. Or send it off to India for more if you need something more specialized. But have faith America, there are designers where that can give you a lot very cheap while using tools like this.

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