Work in Progress

As of today (4/20/10) I am working on another major update to the site. I have not received a single ounce of critical feedback though I have been asking for it. So, I decided to add WordPress to this site and give people easier opportunity to present any feedback they wanted to. Plus, by importing my blog I am now more centralized.

Earlier today, I decided to be so clever as to accidentally delete the whole show. But, in the process I learned a lot of things about managing WordPress and some hosting issues for future knowledge.

My timing could not have been any better. I was scheduled for a phone interview this morning at 10a.m. and wanted the employer to see the updated site. Uhm, yeah. That turned into a fiery picnic basket to hell, ha ha ha. 2 hours later all is well again. I love my hosting company.

I got a restore from them, plus some files I had backed up… wazzooo! All is back now. It is still a work in process, but at least it is coming together!

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