wurking stiff

Well, after almost 8 months of scraping by on my own I happened to find what may be the perfect job for me. I have to consider it a tremendous gift from fate. This has happened often before, finding exactly what I was looking for. I was really becoming disheartened about it and really doubting my choice to come into this industry full time. Alas, here I am.

For those of you in the know, I also have a degree in Culinary and worked in one of the best kitchens in the city for a long time. But most of my working career has been technical or web related or both. I was seriously considering finding myself a nice whole and going back into banquet cooking.

It always led to that question, what am I really going to do when I grow up? Still have no idea, but I will enjoy the ride along the way. Let’s see what happens.

This site will start featuring more of my work and designs, some relating to this company and to more of the art stuff I am hoping to put out.

See me at First Friday on November 6th at the Art Institute display.


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